The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook – Kenaz Filan

A practical guide to New Orleans Voodoo from an initiated practitioner.


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Rochester: Destiny Books, 2011. Paperback, 294 pages. New.

New Orleans Voodoo is a rich tradition with a wide range of cultural influences; as free-form and complex as the jazz that permeates the city and its celebrations. In this book, initiated Voodoo priest Kenaz Filan describes the rituals, practices, tools and spirits of this fascinating tradition. He explores some of the legendary personages associated with the tradition, such as Marie Laveau and Doctor John. Drawing from firsthand accounts and historical records, he examines the practices of root doctors, voodoo queens, and other spirit workers. There is a wealth of detail concerning the major spirit beings of the tradition, together with instructions for methods of divination, creating gris-gris bags, mojo hands, and voodoo dolls. Filan also explores how to call the saints and powers of New Orleans Voodoo for money, retribution, justice and healing.

With 27 full-colour plates showing different facets of Voodoo and how it permeates the very fabric of the city; a comprehensive account of the history of the tradition and its influences on both music and cuisine, and practical instruction in everything from magical oils to a tour guide of the city, The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook is a must for anyone who wants to connect with this vibrant living tradition and its many applications.

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