Occult London

A guidebook to London’s Occult history, personalities, and sites of interest.


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Product Description

Harpenden: Oldcastle Books, 2017. Paperback, 192 pages. New.

Behind the sanitized promotions of the heritage industry, London is a city of esoteric secrets and traditions, obscure institutions and half-forgotten locations. Occult London rediscovers the city’s secret history, ranging from the Elizabethan magic of Doctor John Dee, the occult designs of Christopher Wren and Hawksmoor, the haunted streets and alleyways of the Victorian Spring-Heeled Jack panic, to the fin de siècle days of Madame Blavatsky and Aleister Crowley. In addition to London’s many magical personalities, the reader is also given a tour of notable esoteric sites – from the well-known, such as the British Museum, to places such as Bunhill Fields – formerly known as the ‘Bone Hill’, and the Black Madonna of Willesden.

A useful pocket-sized guide for anyone considering a tour around London’s esoteric heritage, Occult London provides an accessible and readable introduction to the city’s wealth of occultural history.

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