On the Orishas’ Crossroads – Miguel ‘Willie’ Ramos

A study of the orisha Oshún, a much-loved deity in the Lukumi tradition; by a leading expert on the subject.


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United States: Eleda, 2014.  Paperback, 392 pages. New.

This book is dedicated to the orisha (deity) Oshún in the Lukumi pantheon.  A complex deity, she has a great deal of lore, ritual avatars and attributes, which the author covers with great sensitivity.  It goes into great depth on the deity herself, and her worship, and the objects associated with her – and their meanings. Philsosophical and theological questions are broached, which adds a welcome depth.  In addition, the author looks at her cultural context: the history of her worship in the Diaspora, and her position in the pantheon over time, with attention to variation in devotional practice.

Miguel Ramos is one of the most highly-regarded writers on the Lukumi tradition. He was born in Cuba and raised in New York, and has been an Obá Oriaté (master of ceremonies) and an apuón (singer) for over thirty-five years.  He holds PhD in History from Florida International University where he has taught courses on Anthropology, Sociology and History. Ramos is respected in his field, both as practitioner and scholar, and Treadwell’s recommends his books highly.

Condition: new.

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