Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom – Rachel Pollack

A new addition of this classic work on Tarot symbolism, rightly hailed as “the Bible for Tarot readers”.


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London, Element Books, 1997. Paperback, xiv+354 pages. New.

Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom is widely – and rightly – considered to be ‘the Bible of Tarot readers’ and when it first appeared, as two volumes, did much to launch the modern renaissance of interest in Tarot. One of the first popular works to bring together the ancient symbolism of the tarot with a deep awareness of myth and modern psychology, the author’s clarity of thought and practical advice for students of the tarot shines through on every page. This new edition brings together the original texts in one volume, and to celebrate this new edition, author Rachel Pollack has revised and updated the book in the light of her thirty years of teaching and writing on tarot. She has also written a new preface detailing her own personal journey through the world of tarot symbolism.

If you are considering buying your first tarot deck, then this book is the ideal accompaniment, but this is a book that deserves to be on every tarot reader’s bookshelf!

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