Taliesin: The Last Celtic Shaman – John Matthews

A collection and exposition of the works of the Bardic Shaman, Taliesin.


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Rochester: Inner Traditions, 2002. Paperback, xv+357 pages. New.

Taliesin, Chief Bard of Britain lived in Wales in the Sixth Century. Enshrined within his writings are many of the beliefs and ancient practices of the Celtic and pre-Celtic peoples of Britain. Taliesin’s verses are also thought to be a direct precursor to the Arthurian Legends. In this first collection of Taliesin’s works, author John Matthews, with the help of fellow Celtic Scholar Caitlin Matthews, uncovers the hidden meanings and allusions hidden in Taliesin’s major poems, showing how Taliesin’s literary works sprang from his shamanic practice, and their relationship to the ancient mysteries and the cosmological rites of the Druids. Taliesin: The Last Celtic Shaman reveals for the first time the relationship between sacred poetics and the rites, methods of divination and prophecies of the ancestral peoples of Britain.

An essential read for all those following the paths of Celtic Shamanism, Druidry, or with an interest in British lore and history.

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