The Ladder of Lights – William G. Gray

A step-by-step guide to the Tree of Life and the Four Worlds of the Kabbalah.


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York Beach: Samuel Weiser, Inc., 1981. Paperback, 240 pages. New.

William G. Gray is one of the most highly-regarded British ritual magicians of the twentieth century, and his first book, The Ladder of Lights is widely considered to be a classic work on the application of Kabbalistic principles in the Western Mystery tradition. In this step-by-step guide to Kabbalah, Gray explains the magical significance of the Tree of Life, how each of the ten sephirah appears in each of the Four Worlds; their relationships to the planets, the archangels and the aspects of God. This is not a practice-oriented work, but nevertheless, for anyone wanting to approach Kabbalah from the perspective of ritual magic in the Western Mysteries, The Ladder of Lights provides a succinct and clear overview of Kabbalistic principles and their importance for magical work.

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