The Re-enchanted Landscape – Rupert White

An examination of the Earth Mysteries movement in Cornwall from 1950-2000.


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Antenna Publications, 2017. Paperback, 291 pages. New.

Subtitled Earth Mysteries, Paganism & Art in Cornwall 1950-2000, Rupert White’s The Re-enchanted Landscape is an engaging account of the birth of the Earth Mysteries Movement in Cornwall. Examining the influence of foundational figures in Cornish Neo-Paganism such as artist Ithell Colquhoun and Museum of Witchcraft founder Cecil Williamson, White’s engaging account features well-known personalities such as John Michell, Paul Devereux, Colin Wilson, Doc Shiels; artists such as Monica Sjoo, Jill Smith and Geraldine Andrew. He also examines the importance of pagan magazines in shaping and building community – from Pipes of Pan to Meyn Mamvro, and covers various festivals, the rise of pagan moots, and the Dragon Project. Richly illustrated with a wealth of photographs from the period in both colour and monochrome, The Re-enchanted Landscape is a wonderful historical survey of the birth of the Earth Mysteries movement and its relationship with the sacred landscape of the Cornish countryside.

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