What Is A Witch – Pam Grossman and Tin Can Forest

Masterpiece of writing and art for the new feminist witch revival, a prose-poem invocation of the witch, in graphic novel form


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Toronto, Canada: Tin Can Forest Press, 2016. 36 pages, paperback

This slim artistic graphic-novel format book is an anthem to the witch: it is new but already it is hailed as an iconic masterpiece; we at Treadwell’s believe it is the jewel in the crown of today’s young feminist witchcraft revival.  Pam Grossman has loved witches since childhood and knows their power. She has written a prose-poem which calls up the inner memories of the witch archetype in her beauty and intrigue. She praises and invokes to the shunned, shamed women who, since time began, fiercely hold to magic and non-conformity. One reviewer (Dirgemag.com What is a Witch) describes What is a Witch as “a wild, witty, wondrous invocation, threaded throughout with fanciful visions, whimsical allegory, and magical truths. Calling upon the the wisdom of roots, the romance of plants, the four elements, the five senses, all of those iconic witch-women who came before–who wielded a wand, a brush, a pen, or word–and who paved the path for us that we now tread, these words, once uttered, will transport you, transform you.”   We recommend it highly.

The author, Pam Grossman, is a curator and writer; she is creator of Phantasmaphile blog of esoteric and fantastical art. Her writing has appeared in Abraxas Journal, Sciences Occultes, Sabat, Huffington Post, MSN, and Film Comment. Pam’s group art shows and projects have been featured by Artforum, The New York Times, The New Yorker, and Art in America. The artists, Pat Shewchuk and Marek Colek, are Canadians who work collaboratively under the name Tin Can Forest; their work has appeared at the Edinburgh Art Festival, The Tokyo International Film Festival, The San Francisco International Film Festival, The New Yorker, and Communication Arts.

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