Yours Very Truly – Gareth Knight

Selected Letters of Gareth Knight 1969-2010


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Cheltenham, UK: Skylight Press, 2010. Paperback, 216 pages. New.

Selected letters of occult author Gareth Knight, written over a period of forty years and to over seventy different people. These include learned discourse with academics, exchanges of strange experiences with esoteric colleagues, and advice to seekers trying to find their path. The letters reveal extraordinary, entertaining and personal details of the life and work of a contemporary occultist. “One fault of many occult students is to read too much … all too often the new student is so interested in reading the latest thing that he never gets round to actually doing any of it.” “I suppose you can at least feel what it is like to be ‘a lone voice crying in the wilderness’ … I think even John the Baptist, in time, would have packed up his traps, said ‘Sod it’ (or ‘Sod them’) and gone home, maybe to start a locust and wild honey farm.” “Your remark that the devil works by compromise and subtlety is altogether too glib a simplification. He works equally well through uncompromising ‘principles’ very often. The thing that bothers me though is your preoccupation with the insinuations of the devil, which seems at times to verge on ‘old maid’s insanity’. I get the impression – I hope wrongly – that I stand a good chance of being cast in the role of the serpent offering the poisoned, or forbidden fruit.”